Garden Maintenance Tips for Every Gardener

Gardening is a great hobby to take up. It gets your hands dirty but cleans up your mind. It’s a healthy excuse to get you in the sun, walk along the garden and burn some calories in the way and most of all, get fruitful rewards in the end.

But it’s not really easy to start gardening just at a whim. Just like baking, gardening requires accuracy and depends upon impeccable timings. When you’re starting out, you really don’t know where to dig and where to water or what plants to get according to the season. So it’s really important to know the basics and get a few tips and tricks up your sleeves. Here are a few garden maintenance tips that will help get started

1. Location

It’s really important to know what kind of plants you want and the ones that you’re getting. Starting a garden is very much like buying a plot of land as real estate. It’s not vital but will definitely help to have a garden in a location where you can see it time and again. It should have a separate part for shade plants and sun plants or even plants that need both things partially.

For some people, a portable garden also works where you can place your pots on a trolley and move it around as per the necessary spot requirement.

2. Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning are two different things that will ensure healthy growth of plants and gives an attractive outlook to the plants. Trimming is done in order to remove overgrown or dead branches and bushes. This will allow the plant to receive ample amount of moisture and light, as well as saves the water from getting spilled through extra branches.

Pruning on the other hand removes the small branches that will improve the appearance of the plant. But it should be kept in mind that different plants required pruning in different seasons in order to bear healthy fruits. Make sure you hire a proper tree surgeon stockport to help you with pruning.

3. Mulch & Compost


In order to have a sustainable garden, it’s important to have compost and mulch. Mulch can be any material, ranging from dead leaves, wooden chips or pieces of rubber, that would keep the moisture inside the soil. This means that you will have to water the plants less as they would retain the moisture inside.

Compost on the other hand is made up of decomposed organic material. The easiest and well-known ingredient for compost is egg shells and kitchen waste. Different plants need different amounts of mulch and compost in different seasons. It’s better to give them a stable cover through the winter season especially in areas of heavy rain and snow. Spring season allows the compost to be thinner to allow the sunlight in.

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