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Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Regardless of whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or both, there are many ways of updating your home without having to spend a small fortune.

Clerwood Kitchens & Bathrooms have stated that although more people are keen to introduce a new style into their bathroom or kitchen, some feel restricted by their budget.

Fortunately, the amount of choice available to consumers ensures that in most instances, working to a budget shouldn’t prove to be an issue.

Of course, what you can achieve will depend on how much you’re looking to spend, but the following ideas will help those looking to make a change around the home that is cost-effective.

Enhance Space with Statement Pieces

The bathroom and the kitchen can be costly to overhaul when an old style starts to lose its appeal, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t options available.

Statement pieces can come in many guises, whether it’s in the form of a lamp or a pearl side table. Statement pieces beg for attention, meaning that kitchens and bathrooms can be updated for very little.

Retain Interest with a Painted Ceiling

When carrying out a makeover on the kitchen or bathroom, it’s easy to dismiss the ceiling, but a simple paint job could mean that you can give the room some character without having to start from scratch.

Painting the ceiling not only adds another dimension to your kitchen or bathroom but matched with the right accessories can give a room a fresh new look without having to spend a lot of money.

Simple Shelving Can Create Design Ideas

When considering shelving, it’s often the case that they will be used for storage, but its worth considering the other uses when looking to spend as little as possible on an overhaul.

As well as offering practicality when it comes to storage, the use of shelving can also be used to bring some additional character to a kitchen or bathroom.

Paint Effects Help Brighten Up Spaces

Painting the bathroom or kitchen with different shades can add help a contemporary look without having to spend a small fortune. The best results are often achieved by using two to three different shades. The colour blue is proving to be popular, but the use of pink and green is still as effective.

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Luxury bathroom in an old house.

Bath Mats and Rugs Help Introduce New Character

Introducing a fresh feel to the bathroom or kitchen doesn’t always mean you have to replace the floorboards or update the fixtures.

Although a simple approach, using the right bath mat or rug can help bring a new breath of life into your kitchen and bathroom for a very small investment.

When choosing a rug, it’s important to ensure that they’re fit for purpose. For example, it’s vital that any run or mat placed within the bathroom can contend with being wet, otherwise there could be repercussions such as odours and damp.

Be Resourceful with Tiles

When looking to give the kitchen or bathroom a new lease of life, retiling is an option that regularly comes up. However, depending on the tiles being used, this could become an expensive endeavour.

The use of cheaper tiles may be no be appealing to some but used in conjunction with the more premium tiles can still give you a professional look without having to break the bank. The premium tiles can be used as an accent which will still command a strong presence.

Consider Made-to-Measure Blinds

Knowing how to add a touch of character to the bathroom or kitchen can be troublesome, but sometimes all it takes is one simple change. If your current curtains or blinds are fading into the backgrounds, not why not create a statement with made-to-measure blinds,

You may wish to use a colour that fits in with the rest of the room or look for a more colourful option to add pops of personality around the room.

Evidently, made-to-measure blinds will vary in price depending on how much space you have to cover, but the price can be altered by looking at the different options available that fit in with your vision.

Painted Cabinets Help Strike a Chord

Just because cabinets and cupboards can become a little worse for wear as the years go by doesn’t mean that a complete replacement is needed. A simple lick of paint is sometimes more than enough to inject new life into cabinets and cupboards that look a little tired in comparison to the rest of the home.

Combine Bathroom Fixtures for Better Value

It’s not only the space available that dictates the approach we should use when giving a bathroom a makeover, but also the budget. If we require a new vanity cupboard and a toilet, then we may have to go without one.

Combing the two not only offers practicality for the smaller bathroom, but it can also be more cost-effective than buying the items separately.

Wasted Corners are Being Recognised

In larger properties, it’s not uncommon for corners to fade into the background. However, when working with smaller spaces and tighter budgets, it’s important to make use of the space available, including the corners.

Utilising facilities that can take advantage of the space means that there is no need to pay for costly extensions, nor does the finished result look confined and busy.

There are several ways of ensuring that your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t break the bank when carrying out an overhaul, it’s simple a case at looking at the options available while establishing what works best for the budget available.

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