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3 Things about Pointing You Should Already Know

First of all, it is important to explain what does pointing mean. This term is used to talk about the “finish” that is found between the bricks or stones used in constructions. In the golden days, people used to use lime to attach the stones or bricks. Nowadays, cement is more frequently used.

The mortar in the wall adds each of its stones or bricks with either thin or larger joints. This procedure will determine the durability of the house. That’s why it’s very important to know about this, trust us.


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They prevent water from getting in through the walls, as it works like a sponge. It also allows the wall to drain. It has to be able to allow the settlement of the structure to have flexible pointing to thermal responses and the settlement of the structure of the walls.

Nowadays, buildings have a different kind of joints that allow more flexibility to the mortar. It is important that the mortar is less strong than the stones within. Remember that it is an element that has to be maintained throughout the years.

Walls’ Condition

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The house’s condition has to be evaluated by taking in account all of its walls. A lot of problems with water or any other kind of building structure issues might be related to the condition of the walling elements that were used during the construction.

The wall will quickly weaken if the pointing doesn’t allow them to breathe. It’s important to understand that joints allow water to get in and out of the structure, but if it encounters an obstacle, such as a brick or stone, it might slowly deteriorate.

Mortar Material

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Remember that the material with which the mortar is built has to be softer than the wall, so the pointing serves as a secondary structure in the wall. We are talking about aesthetics, of course.

It is very important to keep in mind all of these characteristics when constructing or buying houses. Remember that antique houses were built using different building methods.

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